The Boutones are a midlands based, four piece 'covers' band on a mission: to entertain and educate in equal measure, whilst bringing something fresh [but warm and vintage of course!] to the live music circuit. We consist of a [ahem] mature line up, with over 140 years combined gigging experience across pro & semi pro, that has encompassed touring, theatre, cruise ships, teaching and session work! Our aim in life is to make you, the listener, happy and maybe a little inquisitive, having heard some great new [to you!] and old songs played well. We like to take originals of known covers,some old, some new, and add a little of our own ‘feel’.

The music page will give you an insight into some of our influences and current material.

A collective wealth of experience and skill [plus some very nice gear], stands us in good stead to cater for your next affair.

Please do all the usual social media stuff, and most importantly, come down to a gig and say hi!

We are The Boutones....